MaxTAF Regression Testing for Maximo

Everything you need to know to use MaxTAF

I’ve often been exposed to the concept of “knowledge transfer”, as a trainer or a trainee, using various platforms and formats with their advantages and shortcomings.

This is why I am excited to use Teachable platform that is enabling a course to be:


  • 100% online, learn at your own pece
  • Access anytime, anywhere, for any device
  • Downloadable Support Course Materials
  • Video lecture with actionable steps

Find below my way of transferring some knowledge to :


  • System administrators that need to install MaxTAF and get it ready to be used
  • Test Managers and developers that need to design and develop test cases
  • Professionals that want to take the MaxTAF test cases development to the next level

Getting Started with MaxTAF

This training course is helping you to get started once you got your MaxTAF license. By the way, congratulations for becoming a MaxTAF-er. The course is starting with few consideration about the MaxTAF install in Maximo and continues with help you configuring all the components needed to record a test case. Just to prove that everything works we’ll record a simple test case and run it.


Become a MaxTAF Developer

Having MaxTAF components ready to use, this training course will take through all the most used types of tags, how to post-process a recording, best practises in XML coding and many more


Advance MaxTAF Coding

If you want to take it to the next level with MaxTAF test cases development, this training course will show you how to extend existing functionality with Java coding, testing Maximo integration and a lot more


Starter Kit

For any new MaxTAF Licence you get your

FREE "Getting Started with MaxTAF" online course, 

valued at £399

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