MaxTAF Regression Testing for Maximo

Licence Model

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MaxTAF Licence Model

MaxTAF license model is instance based, meaning that every Maximo environment with MaxTAF requires a license to be able to access MaxTAF applications.

Another component that comes into the MaxTAF type of license mix is the number of the test cases kept in the system. This can be from as little as 50 up to unlimited number of test cases.

The are no limits in terms of how many users can use MaxTAF per instance

It might be unclear what constitutes a test case in order to estimate your appropriate level of license.

In essence, a test case is everything included inside of these tags
<test name=”Test_name”>

However you need to find a good balance between grouping similar testing inside the same test case and having the tests properly structured based on functionality, module, etc


What is a test case?

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